Golden Sands

Golden Sands

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Спорт и природа

The resort Golden Sands, as part of the Golden Sands Nature Park, is a unique combination of sea, wonderful beach and natural forest. It is located at 43 ° and 22 'north latitude and 27 ° and 55 ° east longitude.

The Balkan Range, which has given its name to the entire Balkan Peninsula, is here to meet the Black Sea on a beach 3,5 km long and 80-100 meters wide.

The Golden Sands Nature Park has an area of 1320.7 ha, a length of 9.2 km and a width of 1.2 km. and since 1943 it has been declared a protected natural site. According to the criteria of the World Union for the Protection of Nature (IUCN), Golden Sands Park is placed in the fifth category of protected areas.

The resort is rich in slightly mineralized table water of the Malmalian vallenza layer - three natural mineral springs and one drilling with a flow rate of 120 liters / sec, which are included in the water supply network of the hotels.

The climate is moderate. The average air temperature from May to September is 18-28 °, and on the water 18-24 °. The sea breeze is always pleasant and useful especially in the evening when it keeps temperatures lower, perfectly suitable for a pleasant sleep.

Forest lands of the nature park follow the coastline. The territory of the park is occupied by natural deciduous forests composed of oak and hornbeam. Primary or so on. the root vegetation of the park is represented, in addition to oak forest systems and ecosystems of a luscious nature.

Root ecosystems dominated by different species of oak, oak, horned oak and their accompanying lime, linden, hornbeam, quince, maple, etc, occupy the raised relief forms in the central part of the park. These forests include almost all tree species typical of the lower forestry belt (up to 1000 m above sea level), with some of them (linden, gabriel) aged over 100 years. The 20 year old skeleton with a trunk circumference of 4 m. is a landmark of the park. Among the rich variety of herbaceous species dominates are the beetle head, the skull shorthair and the forest meadow. Ecosystems with a logistic character occupy a very small area in the southeastern part of the park. They are in places with high soil and air humidity. These are broad-leaved tree species / Polish ash, cherry, common hornbeam, white poplar, alder, mahalebka / overgrown with vegetation: vineyard, stalk, wild vine, ivy, hops and hornbeam. These forests strongly impress with their resemblance to tropical forests. Among the grassy species are horseradish, tear, slap, spotted sausage. Scrubland ecosystems occupy the steep terrain in the park, with shallow soils and limestone rocks. The predominantly bushes are lilac, woody rabbit, jasmine, dragon. In the grassland, drought-resistant species prevail. Here are rare species - thin-walled wormwood, flat-leaf podium, and protected species of ordinary ephedra, Bulgarian claysgene.

In his long-term cohabitation with man, the forest has changed. The root vegetation is shifted from shrubby woods of hornbeam. Under protection are 20 rare and endangered plant species / snowflake, Caucasian primrose, orchids and others.

The result of human intervention is artificially created or so on cultural ecosystems. In the park there are mostly coniferous black pine, cypress and cedar crops, and the broad - leaved acacia, poplar and white poplar.

The flora of the Golden Sands Nature Park includes about 500 species of higher plants. Of these, the rare, endangered and protected species, which have 21 species in the Park, are of greatest importance.

Two amphibians, 8 reptile species, 78 species of birds and 25 mammals are found in the Golden Sands Nature Park. Water areas make the presence of amphibians conditional. Among the reptile variety are protected mosquito, big shooter, turtles. Of the 78 species of birds most common are the locusts, thrushes, tigers, woodpeckers, juices, common raccoons and others. Among the predatory birds are a common buzzard, a big hawk, owl, owl and others. In the permanent water areas are found the green-eared water hen, the mallard duck and others.

Mammals find roe deer, red deer, wild boar, squirrel, beetle, rabbit, and others. Among the protected mammals are hedgehog, gold, bats.

There is a wide variety of insects. Among the most attractive are the elephant horn, while on the open areas - butterflies swallow tail, admiral, honeysuckle and others.

Under protection are rare and threatened with extinction 70 species of birds / common buzzard, big hawk, cherry, witch, etc. and 25 species of mammals / roe deer, wild boar, badger and others.

At the disposal of all guests of Golden Sands are:

- a wide variety of water sports in five bases located along the beach
- water skiing, jet ski, windsurfing, water wheels, banana, water parachute, yachts for walking, fishing
- Yacht port with a capacity of more than 100 seats
- diving school
- diving center PADI
- several open-top tennis courts, offering qualified tennis training for children and adults
- bowling Hall
- volleyball and basketball playgrounds
- horse riding - horse riding school
- mini-golf - near Hotel "Zlatna kotva"
- Bikes and Bikes

- fitness centers in hotels

- outdoor pools "Sea eye", "Golden anchor", "Admiral" and "Sirena"

- Jacuzzi
- Archery
- bungee jumping
- darts
- table tennis
- billiards

For fans, tournaments are organized on beach volleyball, streetball, table tennis and table tennis, sailing regattas.

- The Recovery Centers at Sea Eye, Golden Anchor and Admiral offer a wide range of cosmetic and restorative procedures
- medical and dental check-ups

- massage - underwater or hand, including saiji massage
- electrotherapy
- Zonotherapy
- water treatment with pearl baths
- aromatherapy - baths and aromatic oil massages
- thalassotherapy
- relax and anti-stress programs, including massages, baths and body masks with Thalion products
- anti-cellulite and weight loss programs
- Physiotherapy
- healing gymnastics
- use of curative properties of mineral water
- a sauna
- solarium
- individual balneotherapy and beauty programs

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Нощен живот - описание

PR Клуб

The most modern disco on the Bulgarian Black Sea coast! The Hit of Summer! An endless fiesta of lights, sounds and new hit performances. Every day different music with the best Bulgarian and foreign DJs!

Beef Party Bar

A modern restaurant where you can enjoy high quality meat imported from the Netherlands and Austria, as well as unique beef from Angus

Restaurant "The Old House"

A restaurant in a typical national style, recreates the traditional coziness of the Bulgarian house. While enjoying the dazzling colors and the unstoppable rhythms of Bulgarian folklore, you will be able to offer a magnificent cuisine with national specialties.

Restaurant "Golden Dreams"

Restaurant with unusual romantic atmosphere, wonderful sea view, unique taste of fresh Black Sea fish and seafood!

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Култура и история - описание

20 kilometers north of Varna, among the curves of the steep coast, is a resort with more than 60 years history - Golden Sands.

An old legend tells that pirates buried a gold treasure in the coastal land. Angry at the bandits, she avenged her by turning gold into a wonderfully golden sand. Today, one of the longest beaches in the country meets the freshness of a unique natural park.

The Golden Sands Nature Park has been declared a protected area since 1943. The broadleaf forest follows the coast line and surrounds the resort. The relief of the park is terraced. It contains rare tree and plant species. More than 20 of them are threatened with extinction such as the snowflake, Caucasian primrose and several orchids.

The golden Aladzha monastery, declared a monument of culture in 1957, the catacombs, the remains of a basilica and a late antique fortress of the 4-7 century in the Kaleto locality, as well as the remains of a Slavonic settlement .

The idea of building a large Bulgarian Black Sea resort originated in the mid-1950s. Quite naturally, the choice falls on Uzunkum (from Turkish - Long Sand). The place combines virgin forest and a spacious beach in a unique way. Once, just a hundred yards from the seashore, there was the great freshwater lake where water tortoises lived. Today, there is the central attraction zone of the resort with the Eiffel Tower, the Vienna Wheel and the International Hotel.

The first sod of Golden Sands was made in 1956. The construction of almost all major hotel complexes and amusement facilities included in the original plan of the resort takes about 10 years. The idea was for the resort to combine the possibility of family tourism by the sea, as well as to become one of the most renowned balneological centers in Bulgaria. The project of the resort is assigned to a team of 30 Bulgarian architects, and its construction goes through three stages. During the first were built small, mainly two-storey hotels along the beach. Later on, the hotel complexes and entertainment establishments of the second and third lines appeared.

The final stage of the construction of Golden Sands was completed in 1966. Then began the development of a large-scale program for the imposition of Bulgaria as a European destination for sea tourism.

A real boom in the development of the resort is experienced in the late 1990s, when the former state property in it was privatized. Since 2000 Golden Sands is an entirely private resort, thus entering its "second life". Today, the number of hotels in the complex exceeds 70, and the bed base is over 30 thousand. Today "Golden Sands" is a preferred place for relaxation by foreign and Bulgarian tourists.

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