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If you want to escape from the tense daily life or the dynamics of the big city, Pavda is a great choice for a holiday. This is a small place where silence is a delight, and beauty is everywhere. Quiet bays and ocean waves spraying sea foam on the hot sand – an irresistible experience that can be yours. Here is not only the weather is sunny, the suns are the smiles of the local people welcoming their guests. Pavda owes its success exclusively to the people – always hospitable, radiant and enterprising.

Accommodation options in Pavda are in family hotels, guest houses and bungalows. Most buildings are modern, with modern design and architecture. The furnishing meets the expectations of the most demanding tourists. You will also get the highest quality service – the hospitable hosts will take care of your comfort throughout your holiday. In recent years, several luxury hotel complexes have been built, part of prestigious world chains. There are many ways to spend your pleasant stay in Pavda. Small restaurants, taverns, bistros, cafes and cocktail bars abound everywhere. It is not easy to choose in the abundance of dishes, delicacies and drinks. Traditional specialties from the Bulgarian cuisine are offered in the taverns. Sweets and seafood are also found in every menu.

Country Bulgaria
Говорими езициBulgarian, Russian, Turkish, English
Използвани валутиdollar, euro, leva

Спорт и природа

Ravda, together with the locality that separates it from the town of Nessebar, is a summer resort, famous in the past with its numerous children's, school and student holiday camps. There are regular bus lines to Bourgas (30 minutes), Sunny Beach (20min) and Nessebar (10min). Today the resort has hotels, private rooms, restaurants and discos.

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Нощен живот - описание

The good mood in Ravda does not go away with the sunset. Discos, taverns, bars await your company on the summer nights. Choose a place of your own taste and have fun until dawn.

Нощен живот - снимка

Култура и история - описание

After 1924, refugees from Aegean Macedonia settled in Ravda; they are mainly from Kafalovo and Bozets, and several families are from Kirkaloovo, Zorbatovo, Barovitsa, Ramel, Plasnicovo, Kadinovo and Vehti Market.

After the democratic changes Ravda became a popular tourist destination. The village has developed infrastructure, with many newly built hotels and a good beach area.

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