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The resort complex and ski destination Pamporovo is situated in the central part of the Rhodopes – at 1650 m above sea level, at the foot of Mount Snezhanka. It is located 15km away from the town of Smolyan, 10km from the town of Chepelare and about 90km from the city of Plovdiv. The climate in the area is temperate with Mediterranean influence. This predetermines a long but mild winter and over 240 sunny days a year. This is what makes Pamporovo the sunniest mountain resort in Bulgaria. The average annual temperature is 5.5 ° C.

Almost all the ski runs in the resort start from Snezhanka Peak (1926m), with their altitude ranging from 1926m to 1400m. The ski season begins at the beginning of December and continues until the end of April. In winter the snow cover reaches over 2m. Among the biggest advantages of the resort. Pamporovo is the lack of danger of avalanches and strong hurricane wind. The increased negative ionization in the air in the region of Pamporovo makes the resort suitable for the rehabilitation of respiratory diseases, diseases of the nervous system and metabolism.

Country Bulgaria
Говорими езициBulgarian, Russian, Turkish, English
Използвани валутиdollar, euro, leva

Спорт и природа

Ski and Snowboard of Pamporovo

Pamporovo Resort is extremely suitable for the development of winter sports, such as skiing and snowboarding, and is recognized by a number of international organizations as a ski destination, including Neilson Active Holidays - the best resort in Europe for beginner skiers with the best Ski school of "Pamporovo" AD for season 2010/2011

Pamporovo is the southernmost point in the Balkan region, where winter sports can still be practiced and is a preferred destination for skiers and snowboarders from our southern neighbors, Greece and Turkey. In Bulgaria, Pamporovo resort is well known to lovers and professional skiers for decades. The resort has held and continues to host sporting events of national and international importance. From here, the sports career of our only golden medalist from the winter Olympics - Ekaterina Dafovska began.

Ecological policy and environmental protection of Pamporovo

The policy of Pamporovo is aimed at protecting the environment and serious overlapping of environmental activities. Over the last few years, the lawns in the area have been specially cultivated by technology that equates and guarantees greenery during the summer months. Pamporovo deliberately and constantly works on its ecological vision for future development and is the only winter resort in the country, which can be said to occupy a Western European position, oriented to the preservation of nature and a natural inscription of the human intervention in it.

Traffic to Pamporovo and Smolyan is low on the whole year. The purity of the area is proverbial and it is no coincidence that Mount Rojen was chosen to build an astronomical observatory for which good weather conditions are decisive and pollution has to be minimized.

Нощен живот - описание

Pamporovo has something to offer during the day, the wonderful natural beauties leave you speechless, and the snow slopes and adventures under the caressing sun stop your breath. And what happens in Pamporovo at night? In the evening, restaurants and taverns offering specialties from our national cuisine, barbecue, grills and Rhodope dishes invite you to a real gourmet adventure. And at night the holiday complex becomes the center of nighttime fiesta and entertainment. Most hotels in Pamporovo have night bars and discos.

We offer you a list of the more popular bars, restaurants and discos in Pamporovo:

Experts say the Chevermeto restaurant is the best in Pamporovo. It is built and furnished in old Rhodope style and offers traditional Rhodope dishes and drinks, as well as the famous Rhodope cheverme. The restaurant offers its guests an amusing Rhodope folklore program.
Chanovete Restaurant
Bulgarian Restaurant "Bulgarian Village"
Chinese Restaurant "Red Sun"
The "Chevermeto of Bai Panayot"
English pub 'White Elen'
Restaurant Rancho
The "White House" Restaurant - The White House opened in 2002 and bears the spirit of the traditional Bulgarian style, most often connected with the Revival period. It is open from 9am to 2am in the morning and can easily be found at the beginning of the resort. In addition to the interior and exterior design, food is typically Bulgarian, and in particular, typically Rhodope with a wide range of specialties such as roasted lamb and barbecue. The restaurant can accommodate up to 150 people for dinner and there are two main halls that will entertain you with live music, dancing and folklore shows.
Snack Bar "SPIDER" Pamporovo
Italian restaurant "Perelik"
Hotel-Restaurant "Mircho Voyvoda"
Hotel-tavern "Electronics"
the White Heart-karaoke pub, delicious food, a wide selection of alcoholic beverages and beer
Malina Restaurant
Black Horse
IRISH PUB "DAK`S" - Most of the people who have visited it define it as one of the hot spots, the top party zone in Pamporovo. In a friendly atmosphere, exotic cocktails, local and imported beers, you will immerse yourself in dance hits, classics and evergreens.
Mary Jane Bar
Cocktail Bar Zone
Dance Club & Bar "PARALAX"
Pool & Games Bar "RED STAR-Perelik"
Live Music "APRES SKI BAR"
Nightclub "PLANETA PEPSI" ь
Disco Club "ANALOG"
British Disco Pub "THE WHITE HART"
Night Club "Star"
Pizzaria-Restaurant "Danmar"
Restaurant "CASA DI MARE"
Eden Restaurant
Panorama restaurant - European style and superb cuisine with a wide variety of delicious dishes.
Welcome to Pamporovo - a colorful world full of fun, joy and positive energy!

Култура и история - описание

In 2003, the project "Super Perelik" was promoted for the development of Pamporovo and its surroundings as a tourist destination in the 21st century.

The project envisages to connect the designed ski and tourist area under the peak of Perelik with Pamporovo and the ski resort under the Mechi Chal peak near Chepelare. The tourist and sports complex is leading to the Rhodopes. It includes three distinct but interconnected parts - the regions of Mechi Chal, Pamporovo and Perelik. The base of the future sports and tourist complex will be the Perelik region with the Smolyan villages Stoikite, Gela, Solista, Sticil and Mugla.

The planned investments amount to more than 250 million euros. The idea is to connect not only the tourist and sports, but also the cultural and historical and architectural whole of Perelik with Pamporovo and Chepelare with the villages of Stoykite and Shiroka laka.

Hotel Perelik Pamporovo

Hotel Perelik Pamporovo

Perelik Hotel, 4870 Pamporovo, Pamporovo
Price from 49,00 euro
The emblematic hotel complex “Perelik” is located in the very heart of Pamporovo resort. The design More info
Sunny Hills Pamporovo

Sunny Hills Pamporovo

ул. Средна гора 4, Pamporovo
Price from 41,00 euro
Съни Хилс е най новият обект за настаняване в Пампорово, с перфектна локация на слънчево и тихо мяст More info

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