Things to do - general

Bansko is situated at the foot of the North Pirin at 927 m above sea level. It is 56 km away from Blagoevgrad, 145 km from Plovdiv and 150 km from Sofia. The Pirin National Park starts next to the town. The Glazne River flows through Bansko. The climate is mountainous and allows the snow cover to be held from December to April and the alpine character of the Pirin mountain provides excellent conditions for professional and amateur skiing. There is a railway station on the narrow-gauge railway Septemvri – Dobrinishte. Southwest of the city has mineral water.

Country Bulgaria
Говорими езициBulgarian, Russian, Turkish, English
Използвани валутиdollar, euro, leva

Спорт и природа

● Eco Trail "Demyanishka Reka tells ..." - it starts at 3 km along the road Bansko to h. "Vihren" and follows the bed of the Demyanishka River, reaching towards its springs (Valyavishki Lakes, 2400 m above sea level). It is a classical deepwater river with a total length of 14 km. Just over a kilometer before the endpoint - x. "Demyanitsa" - there are two beautiful waterfalls declared in 1965 as natural landmarks. The first one is the Uluski Jump, with a height of 9 m. The second one is the Demyanski Jump, 11 m high. Shortly after them, Demyanitsa. From here you can continue to x. "Yane Sandanski" or to spend the night. The distance from Bansko to h. Demyanitsa travels on average for 4-5 hours. The route is relatively difficult and long, but it passes through an exceptionally beautiful area - this is one of the most attractive eco trails in the Pirin Mountains;

● Eco Trail to Bashliytsa - a fairly new and not well-known among the tourists eco trail. From Sandanski, on an asphalt road, go to Popina Luka. After 3-4 km of walking - initially on an asphalt and concrete site and then on a black cobblestone road - it reaches its starting point - x. "Yane Sandanski". Eco trail drives past the basin of the Basletsa River, in a picturesque valley. It passes by the Popinolas waterfall, and everywhere there are information signs for the geological features of Pirin, the plant and animal species that occur in the area. At the end, it reaches the "Spano pole" shelter. The duration of the transition is 2.5 hours;

● Eco Trail "Dragostinov Chark" - it is specially designed and equipped with everything necessary for people with disabilities - it has a special flooring, walks to the recreation chambers, toilets, a parking lot, a playground and information boards made according to the requirements for access to the environment . The Eco Trail passes through the Dragostinov Chark, 4 km above the town of Bansko, in the immediate vicinity of the asphalt road to the town of Bansko. Vihren;

● Eco Trail "Towards the Kingdom of Edelweiss" - the trail leaves from the Betolovo area above the town of Razlog. It is marked and can be walk on foot for 3-4 hours. Yavorov chalet can be reached by car or by bicycle. One day is enough for going and returning, but if you wish, "Yavorov", which offers excellent conditions. This path reveals the beauty not only of Rila and Pirin, but also of the whole Razlog valley through which the Mesta River passes. The Eco Trail is educational, marked with traces of bear feet indicating the direction. They reach a swan laurel and a nest of a rock eagle. It goes past a waterfall. Everywhere there are information signs for the plant and animal species in the area. Only in this part of the Pirin mountain - from Vihren peak to Predela - there is an edelweiss on the limestone rocks. It is absolutely forbidden to tear, pluck and pick up all the flowers and herbs, especially edelweiss, because it grows in extremely high, inaccessible places and the attempt to reach it can be life-threatening.

Нощен живот - описание

Situated at the foot of the beautiful Pirin Mountain, Bansko attracts more and more tourists from Bulgaria and around the world. Over the years, Bansko has become one of the most popular winter resorts not only in our country but also in the region and not only during the day, but also in our nightlife.

Парти на открито в Банско | Lucky Bansko SPA & Relax

The city is particularly famous among tourists as a destination for great skiing and snowboarding experiences.

At its highest point Bansko ski center reaches 2560 m and the lowest one is 1000 m. The ski trails are about 75 km in total, among them beginners, advanced and experienced. The season for such winter pleasures is guaranteed between December and May, as the resort has 170 cannons creating artificial snow.

The guests of the town also have a cable car, lifts and ski-lifts. Of course, such a place would not be so enjoyable to visitors without the variety of hotels and nightlife opportunities.

In Bansko you can have fun in clubs, pubs, bars and casinos, which will help to make a great mood after skiing and daytime walks.

Bars in Bansko

The Happy End Bar is a good place for nightlife after getting off the track. It is located at the beginning of the Gondola lift and offers dishes made with local ecological products and a number of excellent wines.

Коктейли в бар в Банско | Lucky Bansko SPA & Relax

Foods and drinks will satisfy even the most discerning tastes promised by the restaurant. In addition to the bar, there is a restaurant and a disco. Happy End guarantees that the atmosphere is unique and the great party is always there.

On the scene, popular foreign singers such as Chris Norman, Paul Young, Baccarat, DJ Bob Sinclair, Eva Mendes, Lavish Laura and others are already out on stage. The "Lounge Bar" is near the complex and has a large summer terrace with unique views of the Pirin Mountains.

The Sing Sing piano bar also offers great live music and is a good option to end the exciting winter day. The restaurant offers a wide variety of drinks - cocktails, champagne, etc. From the bar they define the atmosphere as "pulsating" and invite visitors to understand why "Sing Sing" is always the center of the party and is a favorite place for tourists visiting Bansko during the winter season.

The Base Camp bar offers shots, cocktails, and a variety of promotions that can be relaxed during the week or just snap out at the weekend. Karaoke, amateur and instrumental improvisations, live bands and DJ parties help to satisfy any music claims. The restaurant is not defined as a typical night bar, but as a different and fresher place. From there, they wink to their future visitors that it is this bar that is the small part of Bansko, which was always missing from the guests of the town.

The "Bash Bar" was a small tavern and a Mexican restaurant before it became the present place. The place is ideal for fans of shots that can be served on a ski-tray and snowboard-tray. Drinks are affordable and music is both relaxing and dancing. You'll often hear funk, reggae, drum and bass, rock-roll ...


A suitable place for lovers of nightlife is "Roxy". It is very close to the beginning of the cabin lift, offering dishes for all kinds of tastes and whims. The temptations in the menu are created by HRC Culinary Academy and the restaurant also offers over 50 different cocktails. DJ, karaoke and live music take care of the good mood of customers, with songs usually pop, rock and evergreen.

Пъбове и барове в Банско | Lucky Bansko SPA & Relax

They invite guests to immerse themselves in an unforgettable and pleasant atmosphere. For those in Bansko who can not come, there is free delivery of drinks and food.

The KSP Pub is a hundred meters from the lower lift station. Apart from Bulgarian, it is also visited by many English and Irish tourists. The 100-seat venue is open all year round and offers karaoke and live music. KSP can boast that they are the only pub in Bansko where it is possible to find draft beer "Guinness".

In Queen's Pub, they are betting on rich menus, claiming that the food is so delicious that the customer will "go right into the heavens." It promises a good mood until dawn, which besides eating will also help various fun, games and dancing.

За „Amigo Pub“ се казва, че хората го избират, когато желаят да се отпуснат и да станат част от щур купон. Заведението е направено в традиционен и същевременно модерен стил, а атмосферата предразполага за приятно разпускане. Разнообразието на ястия и питиета е много голямо, като от пъба казват за хапването, че е изключително вкусно, а алкохолът – висококачествен.

За доброто настроение помага и бендът в пъба, който изпълнява хитове от различни музикални времена. Също така се организират игри и забавления, които правят вечерите още по-щури. В „Amigo Pub“ казват, че при тях няма скука, като всеки се забавлява и танцува цяла нощ.


След като отвори през 2015 г., „Flash Club“ може да се похвали с две спечелени световни награди. Той бе избран за най-добър клуб в света от престижни международни асоциации и е идеална опция за нощен живот.

Клуб парти в Банско | Lucky Bansko SPA & Relax

От „Flash“ гарантират, че преживяването ще бъде уникално, като коктейлите са вкусни, танцорките – красиви, а персоналът е винаги приятелски настроен. Нощното заведение организира хаус, денс и R&B партита, в които участват известни световни диджеи. Дизайнът, осветлението и саундът са на високо ниво, като посетителите могат да насладят на луксозна парти обстановка. От клуба съветват всеки да отиде със забавни приятели и заредена батерия, защото купонът ще е до сутринта.

„Oxygen Club“ също предлага страхотно купонясване до зори, като често в него могат да бъдат забелязани известни личности от българския шоу бизнес. От там заявяват, че при тях е сърцето на местния нощен живот и освен популярните лица, винаги могат да бъдат засечени много усмихнати агенти и красиви дами. Компромиси с интериора, осветлението и звука не се правят, а разнообразието на алкохол е богато. Организират се партита с популярни изпълнители като Ъпсурт, 100 кила, Спенс, Криско и други.

Заведението предлага и staff партита, които имат безплатен вход и предлагат на достъпни цени премиум алкохол. Няма как човек да е посетил Банско и да не е куфял до сутринта в „Oxygen“, хвалят се от заведението.

Клубът „Jack’s House“ предлага отлична модерна обстановка, като е подходящ за всеки, който желае да разпусне. От клуба казват, че са известни със страхотната атмосфера, отличния интериор и безупречния вкус към музиката.

В заведението звучат все любими хитове, като често са канени най-популярните български поп, R&B и хип-хоп изпълнители. Много танци, качествен алкохол и специално шоу помагат още повече за положителните емоции. Клиентите са посрещани с усмивка още на входа, преди да влязат и да станат част от едни от най-добрите партита. „Jack’s House“ е гореща точка, където обстановката се нажежава до червено, казват от там.

„Martini“ също може да се похвали с луксозна обстановка, купони с известни изпълнители и добри цени. От клуба привличат със страхотния интериор и уникалната атмосфера, като гарантират хитова парти музика до сутринта.

Според хората от „Martini“, заведението е любимо на посетителите на Банско, когато става въпрос за нощни забавления. Клубът е чудесна опция за частни партита, концерти и други забавления. Ежеседмично се предлагат на промоция и различни марки чуждестранен алкохол.

„The Club“ пък е едно от най-известните подобни места в Банско. Идеален е за тези, които искат да купонясват до зори с модерна музика в приятна компания. От заведението се хвалят, че то е определяно като „най-купонджийското“, като се носят градски легенди за дългите нощи в него. И тези легенди продължават да се увеличават, намигват от „The Club„.


„Platinum“ предлага стилна атмосфера и незабравимо преживяване. От там също така могат да се похвалят, че казина от тази верига се срещат и в много други български курорти. Качество, почтеност, дискретност и традиции – така се определят от „Platinum“.

Казино и покер в Банско | Lucky Bansko SPA & Relax

То е единственото казино в Банско, което предлага възможност за „Жива игра“. При нея участниците са обслужвани от крупие, като така разнообразието и емоциите от игрите могат да задоволят и много претенциозни хора. Клиентът ще намери желана игра, независимо дали предпочита класики като Black Jack или си пада по високия риск на Американска рулетка.

Разнообразието от максимуми и минимуми е голямо, като така предлаганите услуги в казиното са достъпни за всеки. За приятното преживяване допринася и професионалното отношение на специално обучения за целта екип. В казино „Platinum“ има толкова много възможности за забавление, гарантират от игралната зала.

„Royal Bet“ казино също има голямо разнообразие от игри. Залата е денонощна, така че любителите на хазарта и нощния живот могат да се забавляват там по което и да е време.

Всичко изброено в горните редове е само част от възможностите за нощен живот, които Банско предлага. Както сами можете да се убедите, има голямо разнообразие от варианти за приятно прекарване на нощта. Така че ако не обичате да си лягате рано, няма да направите грешка, ако решите да прекарате почивката си именно в този курорт.

Очакват ви незабравими емоции в страхотните клубове, барове, пъбове и казина, предлагащи всевъзможни забавления. Каране на ски и разходки в прекрасната планина през деня, съчетани с пълно разпускане и купони до зори през нощта – звучи супер, нали? Ако и вие сте на същото мнение, то със сигурност ще се влюбите в Банско!

Култура и история - описание

As a resort Bansko offers numerous opportunities for tourism all year round - skiing; extreme sports - rafting, kayaking, off road walks, rock climbing, mountaineering; mountain hikes and outings, hunting, fishing, excursions, horseback riding, etc. Along with all this, there is a well developed cultural tourism in Bansko.

Радоновата къща - изложба | Lucky Bansko SPA & Relax

Interesting suggestions are so many that the people who come to tourism in Bansko should compile a list of what they want to see according to their interests. The selection is extremely rich - over 140 cultural monuments are in the area.

During the excavation, a large Thracian fortress, sanctuaries, early Christian churches, a Byzantine fortress, etc. were discovered and well preserved for tourists.

Separately there is a special museum for the history and ethnography of the region - the Radonova House, where the different periods are presented thematically. Thus, cultural tourism in Bansko can be immersed in a rich history, starting from the Thracians, passing through the Middle Ages and liberation struggles, to the liberation of Bansko from Turkish slavery in 1912.

Through various museums in Bansko, the guests of the city can also "meet" with great personalities born, lived and created in the city, which have remained in history. Here is a special memorial dedicated to Paisii Hilendarski, and in the large and modern building there are unique expositions for the life and work of the author who wrote "Slavonic Bulgarian History".

There are also museums of Neofit Rilski and Nikola Vaptsarov. The museum complex can also see unique works from the Bansko School of Painting and Iconography, as well as the typical Bansko National Revival House, which has a very specific architecture and construction. There are many interesting churches in Bansko's cultural tourism routes, one of which is even protected by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site.

Local folklore and unique folk crafts fascinate tourists

The visit of the museums is traditionally the first complex stop for tourism in Bansko. Here are the expositions for the history of the region and its ethnographic specifics, for celebrities, for art and architecture. These tours of the specialized museums, which are in a common complex, tourists carry out with competent guides.

Традиционно публично представление в Банско | Lucky Bansko

Thus visitors not only see and hear interesting things on the sites, but they can also get comprehensive answers to their questions about the development of culture in the region.

Throughout the summer, museums can be combined with visits to the municipal info center Bansko. Here you can get all sorts of reference information, but tourists are particularly impressed by the performances of local song, music and dance folklore.

Many of the people who come to cultural tourism in Bansko take advantage of the opportunity to take lessons at the Infocenter for folk dances and singing, playing a tambura or bagpipe, etc. The lessons are optional.

Separately, local ensembles almost continuously carry out folklore concerts - independent on city festivals and accompanying the performance of old artistic crafts or various exhibitions.

Demonstrations of old artistic crafts - carving, weaving, spinning, embroidery in specific ways, etc. are also very attractive for the tourists - they are just fascinated by them. Moreover, guests can get involved in the demonstrations and work under the guidance of the masters. These demonstrations are from June to September, and exhibitions such as swimsuits, carved or embroidered icons, painting, woodworking, photography, abstract art, etc. are held together with them.

Among the exhibits there are also quite unexpected works for tourists - such as puppets made with maize noise; decoration of bottles with waste materials, fabric souvenirs and others. Everything from here to the Infocenter offers infotours to local cultural attractions, such as the ancient fortresses.

In Bansko the "Holy Trinity" must be seen

There is a church that is in the center of Bansko and is a national monument like construction and architecture. At the same time, however, its history, which impresses tourists, is also amazing. This is the church of the Holy Trinity.

Снимка в Света Троица | Lucky Bansko SPA & Relax

Above all, it has to be said that the population of the former little town of Bansko, while under Ottoman rule and endured heavy bans on its faith, managed to build a huge church. Built between 1833 and 1835, it was the largest of the entire Balkan Peninsula.

Its dimensions - 44 meters long, 24 meters wide and 20 meters high by the arch, are impressive even today. They were unsurpassed to the construction of Alexander Nevsky's capital.

Banskales have given a heavy price - hundreds of families have made donations, breaking off their sips, over 1000 individual donations. And Lazar German, the mayor of that time, and the main organizer who paid for his life, was angrily tortured in prison for the construction that was much larger than the one allowed.

The very church inside is very impressive and beautiful, there are craftsmen and woodcarvers from Bansko and Debris schools. Their work makes the carved iconostasis, frescoes, icons, thrones unique.

Thus, the church, looking small outside, is actually beautiful and majestic. The belfry - impressive with its 30 meters height, was made further in 1850 and the complex is one of the greatest achievements in the culture in Bulgaria during the Renaissance.

The plan of the building is by Dimitar Doyuv, master of Bansko, who previously worked on the Aegean Sea, Cyprus and others. In Belgrade, for example, he made the Patriarchal Church.

The church in Bansko is three parts, the walls are white marble blocks. The reproduced biblical scenes are bright colors, the faces are spirited, vibrant. Here is the influence of Rome and Venice, where Toma Vishanov, the founder of the Bansko School of Painting and Carving, studied.

Unique: Jesus as an astronaut in a church from 1614!

There are many cultural tourism routes in Bansko, including the Dobarsko village, which is twenty kilometers away.

The church there is unique and as a building, and as frescoes, it is declared by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site. Its uniqueness actually begins with its name - it only includes two saints in its name - one is Theodore Tyron, the other is Theodore Stratilat.

Стенописи в църква в Добърско | Lucky Bansko SPA & Relax

And yet - built in the distant 1614 year, but so it is located and built that is like ... natural air conditioner. Without any lateral human interference, the room maintains throughout the year temperatures that kept frescoes through the ages. And although they have never been restored and the Turks ever made a bathroom here, their colors are bright, fresh.

The length of the temple is 8.37 m, the width is 6.50 m, the maximum height is 5.20 m. Instead of the usual one-nave space at that time, the visitor finds a complicated solution for a three-nave basilica.

But this is the smallest, compared to the frescoes - they strike you. First of all, how many are the images and the scenes painted. This little space is extremely rich with a drawing, there are 460 images, among which donors and builders. The saints are over 30, so many female images do not exist in another church. It is also interesting that some of the saints waged helmets and helmets as was the armament in Western Europe.

Looking at the frescoes, one is amazed. In the "Transfiguration of the Lord," Christ flees like a space capsule that throws a fire like a rocket launcher. In the low is the atmosphere and the stratosphere. A similar image of God is also seen in "the resurrection of God." There Jesus descends to resurrect the dead from Hell, and on the way back he rises again like a rocket.

Scientists still have no answers to all these "strangenesses," but the church is indeed unique, world heritage is and deserves to be seen.

Excursions to Rila Monastery, Rozhen, Melnik, Kovachevitsa

The cultural tourism offers in Bansko also include excursions to remarkable places, which are between hour and two times.

Among them is the Rila Monastery, which is the largest in Bulgaria, has a unique architecture and is under the auspices of UNESCO as a heritage of humanity. The monastery dates from the 10th century, many times it has been reconstructed, even demolished and restored in its present form since the middle of the last century.

Рилски манастир отвътре | Lucky Bansko SPA & Relax

It includes religious and residential buildings as well as industrial buildings with a total area of 8800 square meters. The monastic cells are about 400. Its walls are stone, 24 meters tall and outside is like a fortress. Inside, however, there is a magnificent view of colonnades, arches, carved wooden loggias, the main church, the impressive tower with a bell tower, and so on. Here is the wall painting Zahari Zograf, there are extremely valuable icons from the 14th to the 19th century.

Another offer in the cultural tourism routes in Bansko is the Rozhen Monastery, which is 6 km away from Melnik. It dates back to the 13th century and was then one of the most important Orthodox centers in Bulgaria - it was beyond the authority of the bishopric, and he held a direct connection with the Ecumenical Patriarch. The visit to the monastery is also combined with the view of the town of Melnik, which is a historical and cultural reserve. Here are also the famous Melnik pyramids, which are an exceptional natural phenomenon.

Excursions to the Kovachevitsa architectural and historical reserve are organized from Bansko. In the 18th century, a building school was established here, and the special forged houses were made. They are unique in appearance and construction, made of unripe stone and wood, roofs of stone crying. The bond was made with the softened finger - strong enough to keep the buildings up to this day. The village is mentioned for the first time in written documents from the 15th-16th centuries, it is believed to have been founded by migrants from Bansko and the village of Ribnovo.

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Salena Boutique Hotel Bansko

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